Photographer Partner Program

We at Modern Canvas Company understand the importance of quality and personalization when it comes to creating custom canvas prints. We take great pride in offering a unique and personalized approach to canvas creation, and we're excited to extend this opportunity to local photographers like you through our photography partner program.

Our program is designed to help photographers expand their services and offer something truly special to their clients. By partnering with us, you'll have the opportunity to bundle our custom canvases into your pricing, giving your clients a beautiful and lasting way to display their cherished memories.

We're committed to helping local photographers stand out in a competitive industry and offer something truly unique to their clients. By joining our program, you'll have access to exclusive resources and support from our team, as well as other photographers in our program. You'll receive further instructions on how to purchase your clients' canvases and how to make the most out of our partnership.

And the best part? After you submit your application, you'll be added to our Local Photographers section on our website and be invited to join our private Facebook group. In our Facebook group, you'll have access to exclusive resources and support from our team and other photographers in our program.

We understand that as a local photographer, you care deeply about the quality of your work and the satisfaction of your clients. By partnering with Modern Canvas Company, you can be confident that you're offering high-quality, personalized canvas prints that will exceed your clients' expectations.

We're excited to work with passionate and talented individuals who share our commitment to delivering exceptional service and high-quality products. Apply today and let us help you create beautiful, lasting memories for your clients!